Monday , May 20 2024

Woman in Australia lived with her brother's dead body for five years

Sydney: Police reached a house in Victoria, Australia after neighbors complained. A woman was living with the dead body in that house for five years. Rats roamed in the house and the garbage heaps were shaken. The mental condition of that woman was not good.

A woman lived with her brother's dead body for five years in an area of ​​Newtown in Victoria state of Australia. The body had decomposed and only skeletons were left. Mice were roaming around. There was a pile of garbage in the house. There was an unbearable smell of feces and urine. This house was in the most expensive area of ​​Newtown. People nearby had earlier also complained about the smell and filth, but the local administration did not pay attention. People nearby called that house the Horror House. After repeated complaints, the police finally reached the house and were surprised to see the scene there. Police found that the woman was mentally unstable. The police took him into custody and took further action. Preliminary investigation revealed that the woman's brother had suddenly gone missing five years ago. However, since the brother and sister did not have any special relationship with the people around them, no one asked about it. The woman was living with her brother's dead body for so many years. Due to the unbearable foul smell, the smell of the dead body was not coming out.