Will Rahul Gandhi’s decisions weaken the Congress in the state before the Goa assembly elections?

Congress (Congress) Party uncrowned king Rahul Gandhi (Rahul Gandhi) As soon as they come back from Nanihal, they have started spreading the raita. The meaning of spreading Raita, for those who do not know, it means ‘to mess up or spoil the work’. Now if it is not to spread raita, then what else will we say that after returning from Italy after spending almost a fortnight, he took a decision in his familiar style which would be the Goa Assembly Election (Goa) for the Congress party.Goa Assembly Elections) may prove to be harmful.

There is a leader of Goa, Michael Lobo, whose ambition is higher than Mount Everest. Won the elections twice in a row on a ticket in BJP. Considers himself the biggest leader of North Goa. To move ahead in politics, do not shy away from blackmailing. In 2017, when he won the election for the second time, his mind started pounding to become a minister. The compulsion of the BJP was that in the absence of majority, it had to form a coalition government, in which two regional parties and independents were also to be included in the cabinet, leaders who had left the Congress were also to be given a place in the cabinet. That’s why Lobo could not become a minister. Started talking about resigning as MLA, BJP gave him the post of Deputy Speaker.

After some time again Lobo’s heart started pounding to become a minister and started threatening to leave the party. In 2019, he was made a minister out of compulsion. And now for the last few months, he was adamant on the demand for a ticket for his wife. When the BJP refused, they were openly seen threatening to leave the party. When BJP told him clearly that giving tickets to both husband and wife is neither the party’s policy nor they have any such plan, Lobo resigned from the cabinet and BJP on January 10 after getting tired.

Despite opposition from local leaders, the Lobo couple was included in the Congress

Lobo’s talks with the Congress party were going on for a long time, but things were not working out. The local leaders of the party were against him. The Lobo couple was supposed to join the Congress in the evening on January 10, but due to protests, this program did not take place. It seemed that Lobo’s condition was going to be the same as if it was dripping from the sky, stuck on a date palm. Resigned from BJP and there was resentment against him in the Congress party. It seemed that Lobo and his wife would have to contest the elections as independents. But no, that is not going to happen now.

After returning from Italy, on Tuesday i.e. on January 11, Rahul Gandhi spoke to two top Congress leaders, party’s national general secretary KC Venugopal and Congress’ Goa observer P Chidambaram on the phone and before the evening, the Lobo couple was included in the Congress. was taken. Congress’ Goa in-charge Dinesh Gundu Rao and Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Digambar Kamat, who is the former Chief Minister of Goa, attended the program and the Lobo couple was included in the party. The funniest thing is that not a single office-bearer of Goa Pradesh Congress appeared in that program.

Rahul Gandhi has taken decisions many times against Goa Congress

This is not the first time that Rahul Gandhi has taken a unilateral decision without talking to the party’s state unit leaders. The fear of BJP keeps haunting Rahul Gandhi so much that anyone with whom BJP’s name is associated and he looks at the Congress with a smirk, Rahul Gandhi welcomes him with outstretched hands as if he has been given to BJP. Have found a formula to beat.

Another aspiring leader of Goa is Vijay Sardesai. He is the President of Goa Forward Party. In 2017, the Congress government was not formed in Goa due to Sardesai’s deception. In the 40-member assembly, 17 Congress MLAs were elected, NCP’s lone MLA had the support and Sardesai had even announced the support of three Goa Forward Party MLAs. But overnight his decision changed. Despite his party’s opposition, Sardesai supported the BJP. The Congress party accused him of being sold. Sardesai became the Deputy Chief Minister. But by the time of 2019, BJP had broken 13 MLAs of Congress and two MLAs of Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party. Right from the back door, BJP had got an absolute majority in the assembly. So Sardesai got discharged from the cabinet and from that time he was planning to take revenge on BJP.

Sardesai first had talks with the Trinamool Congress. The Trinamool Congress was ready to make him the chief ministerial candidate provided he merges the Goa Forward Party with the Trinamool Congress. Sardesai did not accept this, so the matter did not move forward. Then Sardesai contacted the Congress party. The infidelity of Goa Congress leader Sardesai was not forgotten. Sardesai’s coalition proposal was rejected. But on 1 December he reached New Delhi to meet Rahul Gandhi. Together they were Dinesh Gundu Rao and Digambar Kamat. Photos were taken together and the Congress high command announced an alliance with the Goa Forward Party. Rahul Gandhi did not even understand the need to talk to the leaders of Goa Congress. There is still opposition in the name of Sardesai in Goa Congress. Goa Congress clearly says that he will give up two seats for Sardesai but he is not ready for alliance.

Rahul Gandhi’s decisions will weigh heavily on Congress in assembly elections

There was also a lot of opposition in the name of Michael Lobo. Goa Congress leaders said that he was capable of defeating Lobo from Calangute assembly constituency. He also believed that the Lobo couple joining the Congress would cut the ticket of two such leaders who had been serving the party for years. But Rahul Gandhi’s thinking is different. He felt that if a BJP minister joins his party, the atmosphere will turn in favor of the Congress. On the contrary, there is a possibility that the leaders and workers of Calangute and Siolim assembly constituencies will either sit at home instead of working for the Lobo couple or will support some other party from behind, so that the Lobo couple is defeated, Because the victory of Lobo couple will turn their future bleak.

By the way, let us tell you that it is an old habit of Rahul Gandhi to take a unilateral decision and impose it on the state unit. Last year, even in the West Bengal assembly, without talking to the state unit, Rahul Gandhi had tied up with the Left Front. The remaining party workers were not happy with this decision, and for the first time in the history of Bengal, the Congress party could not win a single seat in the assembly. In Goa too, ignoring the state unit in the case of Sardesai and Lobo could prove costly for the Congress party. Rahul Gandhi is the king of Congress, what’s the point of anyone opposing the decision for him, even if the party is harmed by it?