Thursday , April 18 2024

Why is this lung problem so dangerous

Have you heard of popcorn lungs? This is a lung problem which is called bronchiolitis obliterans in medical language. The impact of this respiratory problem alone is devastating.

Popcorn: If there is a problem in the lungs, it becomes difficult to breathe and there is a problem of swelling in the organs. Let's see what are the symptoms of popcorn lung and what causes this problem:

What causes popcorn lung problems?

According to experts, this problem is caused by harmful chemicals present in food. This is what happens when artificial butter flavors are consumed, even though the FDA says they are safe to eat, such foods can cause respiratory problems.
This type of ingredient is found in coffee, packaged fruit drinks, caramel, and some milk products.

Is this popcorn lung problem common?

This lung problem is so rare that it can happen to anyone, it can be caused by eating certain foods and even people who have had a lung transplant can have this problem. People who have undergone lung replacement treatment have a 100% chance of having this problem. 50 percent more. Also, this problem is seen in marrow donor within 5 years.

What are the characteristics of popcorn?

  • severe breathing problems
  • extremely dry cough
  • high fever
  • Restless
  • sudden weight loss
  • asthma
  • Eye, skin, mouth, nose irritation
  • I sweat a lot at night
  • skin ulcers

Popcorn lungs are also possible for such people

  • pneumonia, bronchitis
  • viral infection
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • skin peeling
  • People with this type of problem also have the problem of popcorn lungs.

How to Prevent Popcorn Lungs?

Don't smoke, use e-cigarettes
Be careful not to get any infections that could damage the lungs
And follow safety precautions when working in hazardous areas.

These foods are good for lung health
apple fruit
fruits and vegetables
Whole grains
olive oil
green tea
coffee beans

Do breathing exercises for lung health

exercise illusion

You sit in Siddhasana on the mat, then close your eyes and put your index or middle finger in your ear to block out external sounds. Focus your attention on the middle of your eyebrows.
Take a deep breath and then exhale slowly, humming n or m while doing so.
While doing this, your jaw, especially your tongue, teeth and nasal passages should vibrate. You
Can do six to ten rounds.
After ending the trance, close your eyes and breathe normally for one minute.

Therefore, pay attention to the health of the lungs, doing so will reduce lung related problems, also wear a mask while walking in dust and stay away from the food items mentioned above.