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Why don't we wear black clothes on Sunday?

According to the scriptures, wearing different coloured clothes every day can bring auspicious results to a person. Let us know in this article why wearing black clothes on Sunday is prohibited.

In Hinduism, Sunday is dedicated to Sun God. Worshiping Sun God on this day brings auspicious results. Along with this, one also gets the blessings of fame, glory and respect. According to beliefs, Sun God gives vitality, peace of mind, energy and success in life. Wearing clothes of different colors on all seven days of the week increases good fortune. Now why is it forbidden to wear black clothes on Sunday? Know about this in detail from Astrologer Pandit Arvind Tripathi.

Black color is related to Saturn
Black color is related to Saturn. Lord Shani is considered to be the factor of karma, justice and discipline. Saturn is very fond of black color. Whereas Sun God is considered to be the symbol of light, energy and life. Black color is a symbol of darkness and negativity, which is completely opposite to the bright and positive nature of Sun God. Therefore, black clothes should not be worn on Sunday.

Wearing black clothes brings inauspicious results
According to astrology, the Sun God is considered a symbol of light, energy and life, which is a hot and dry planet. Saturn is considered a symbol of darkness, coolness and karma, a calm and slow planet. Therefore, there is tension between planets of different nature, which can also be seen in the relationship between the Sun and Saturn. Due to which Graha Dosh can arise and due to this the person starts getting inauspicious results in life.

Wearing black clothes on Sunday creates Rahu and Kaalsarp Yoga.
Wearing black clothes on Sunday increases the effect of planet Rahu, which can bring negativity and obstruction. Rahu is also associated with black color and Sunday is also considered Rahu Kaal. Therefore, one should avoid wearing black clothes on this day. Due to which a person may have to face problems.

The position of Lord Surya becomes weak in the horoscope
The Sun is depicted in red or golden color, which symbolizes light and energy. Black color is considered the opposite of these colors. Sunday is the day of Sun God. Wearing black clothes on this day makes the Sun God angry. Also, the position of the Sun in a person's horoscope can weaken. Due to which there is a lack of respect and confidence in a person's life.