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Why does drinking tea spoil your sleep? Which helps in inducing sleep, know the advantages and disadvantages of drinking tea.

There are a large number of people in the country who are fond of drinking tea as soon as they wake up in the morning. Generally people call it bad tea. Along with this, some people are so fond of tea that they drink it several times a day. In most homes, guests cannot be welcomed without tea. People in office take help of tea to get relief from fatigue and sleep. But, do you know that there is something in tea which when consumed helps in relieving sleep and fatigue. What is it that makes most people addicted to tea? We are giving you answers to some such questions here.

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Tea contains a lot of caffeine. This is a specific type of stimulant. That is why when tea is drunk, sleep and fatigue go away and people start feeling refreshed. However, drinking too much tea at the wrong time and in the wrong way can also disrupt your sleep cycle. This increases the risk of many diseases. Drinking too much tea can increase the risk of stress, insomnia, and depression. Not only this, excessive amount of caffeine present in tea can also have a bad effect on your brain.

Why is drinking tea in the morning harmful?
According to doctors, drinking tea on an empty stomach in the morning can be very harmful for health. If you wake up in the morning and drink tea without brushing your teeth, many bacteria enter the stomach from the mouth. This can cause dehydration problem in the body. Apart from this, the problem of flatulence can also occur due to the tannic acid found in tea. Apart from this, not being able to sleep after drinking tea at night can also be quite harmful. Doctors say that not getting 7 or 8 hours of sleep daily can lead to serious health problems like diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, depression, heart disease and heart stroke.

There are two things in tea which relieve stress and sleep.

Why is it important to drink tea frequently?
The nicotine found in tea is responsible for its habit-forming properties. This nicotine is also found in tobacco products. When you drink tea, it is because of nicotine that you feel less stressed and remain awake. If a person is consuming nicotine in any form on a daily basis, he/she quickly becomes addicted to that product. Therefore, most people gradually get into the habit of drinking tea. Many people cannot sleep without drinking tea while some people feel the need of tea several times a day.

Is there any tea that helps in inducing sleep?
Some people have the habit of drinking tea before sleeping. If you drink tea a few hours before going to bed, it may help. Additionally, if you don’t fall asleep easily, a little tea can also help you fall asleep. Lemon balm tea, passionflower tea, melatonin tea, and kava tea are helpful in inducing sleep. Additionally, chamomile tea, melatonin tea, and valerian root tea help improve sleep quality. There are many teas available around the world that help in inducing sleep and improving its quality.

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Are there any benefits of tea?
Most people drink tea even knowing that it has major disadvantages. But, you will be surprised to know that if tea is consumed properly, it has many benefits. According to doctors, drinking tea reduces the risk of heart attack. This can also reduce weight. Tea is also considered good for bones. Tea fulfills the lack of water in the body. Besides, the calories present in it fulfill the lack of energy. Tea contains many antioxidants. Herbal tea improves the digestive system. Tea is more natural than any other drink. However, the condition to get its benefits is that it should be consumed in limited quantity at the right time and in the right way. Apart from this, it is also important to choose the right tea among green, black, lemon or other varieties.

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