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Why do we make a Swastika on something whenever we bring it home?

There are many auspicious symbols in Hinduism, one of them is Swastika. Even today, when a new item is brought home, it is worshipped before use and a Swastika symbol is made on it. Whenever people bring a TV, fridge, AC, washing machine, car or cupboard home, they definitely make a Swastika symbol on it. The tradition of making Swastika has been going on for years in most Hindu families. But why is Swastika made on every new thing? Not everyone knows this, so let's know interesting facts related to this from our astrology expert Shivam Pathak.

Why is Swastika made on new things?
Regarding the design of Swastik, our Astrology Expert Shivam Pathak told that in Hinduism, Swastik is considered to be the form or symbol of Lord Ganesha. Apart from this, in Sanatan Dharma, Lord Ganesha is invoked before doing any auspicious work. Only after the worship of Lord Ganesha, other deities are worshiped and auspicious work begins. It is said in the Puranas that there is no obstacle in starting work by worshiping Lord Ganesha. Apart from this, by making a Swastik on any new object, it is believed that Lord Ganesha resides in it and it is used for a long time without any damage.

Swastika is a symbol of positive energy
In Hindu religious texts, Swastika is considered a symbol of positive energy and auspiciousness. Swastika has four hands, which are considered symbols of directions. If a Swastika symbol is made on any object or place, then that place is filled with positive energy and also gives auspicious results.

What to make Swastika from?
People make Swastik symbol with many things like turmeric, kumkum, sindoor and ghee. In Hinduism, there is a tradition of making Swastik with these three things, so you can make Swastik symbol with turmeric and ghee, kumkum and ghee or sindoor and ghee. Turmeric, kumkum, sindoor and cow ghee, all three are auspicious, let us tell you that you should make Swastik on the wall only with sindoor and ghee, for other things you should use turmeric and sindoor.