Friday , June 14 2024

Why do dogs bark at night? Know what is the special reason?

If you have gone out on a big night, you must have noticed one thing. Most dogs are seen barking on big nights. Now the question is why do these dogs bark at night?

Whenever the name of loyal animals comes in the world, the name of dogs comes first. Dogs are famous all over the world for their loyalty.

Dogs even risk their lives for their owners. However, some people are most troubled by dogs on the road. This is because dogs bark at night.

Dogs bark more at night than during the day and chase people. Loud barking of dogs in cold weather is irritating.

Actually, experts say that dogs bark due to extreme cold at night. Sometimes they also bark to send messages to other dogs.

Apart from this, they feel more pain when there is pain and are also seen barking at night.