Friday , June 14 2024

Why are veteran Congress leaders giving up one after the other?

Over the past few years, dozens of Congress leaders have left the party and joined the BJP, including many former ministers, Union ministers and former chief ministers. This trend still continues. Before the Lok Sabha elections, the news of many senior Congress leaders leaving the party and joining BJP is making rounds in the political circles. There are discussions about Kamal Nath in MP, while there are speculations about many senior Congress leaders from Rajasthan joining BJP. After all, why are veteran Congress leaders leaving the party one after the other? Is there any political interest or fear behind this? The answer to this has been given by Varun Chaudhary, National President of National Students Union of India (NSUI).

Those leaving Congress are afraid of ED-CBI: Chaudhary

NSUI National President Varun Chaudhary has given some reasons behind leaving Congress. Varun Chaudhary, who came to Jaipur for the first time after becoming the national president, said that all the Congress leaders are leaving the party. They are afraid of ED, CBI and Income Tax Department. At the behest of the Centre, these three agencies are putting pressure on Congress leaders. Whatever action has been taken by these agencies in the last 10 years. Among these, Congress leaders have been targeted the most. Leaders are shown the fear of going to jail. Leaders are being harassed by hatching a conspiracy.

The business class is also scared but the farmers are fearless: Chaudhary

NSUI National President Varun Chaudhary says that even the big capitalists and business class of the country are afraid of the central investigating agencies. Donations are forcibly collected through electronic bonds. Due to fear, most of the businessmen have also been forced to join BJP. Any leader or industrialist who joins BJP is not with BJP at heart. Chaudhary says that the farming class is fearless. The inclination of the farmers is not against BJP, that is why they are standing with Congress. Let us tell you that former president of Rajasthan University Students Union, Nirmal Chaudhary has also joined NSUI.