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Whose incarnation was Shri Krishna's wife Satyabhama?

Who was Shri Krishna's wife Satyabhama: It is mentioned in the scriptures that Shri Krishna had 16 thousand 108 queens. However, Shri Krishna was formally married to three queens, Rukmini, Jambhavanti and Satyabhamaji. It is described in the scriptures that Lord Krishna gave the status of wife to other queens only to save them from public shame, but did not marry them. It is also mentioned in the scriptures that the three main queens of Shri Krishna were some incarnations. In this article, astrologer Radhakant Vats tells us whose incarnation was Tahina Satyabhama and how she married Shri Krishna in Dwaparyuga.

Who was the incarnation of Satyabhama?
According to legend, when the time came for the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu to be born on earth, Mother Earth prayed to Lord Vishnu to marry her. Mother Earth wished that Lord Vishnu would become her better half in his eighth incarnation.

After hearing this prayer, Lord Vishnu blessed Mother Earth that she would soon be born in a new form in Dwaparyuga and then he would marry her as Dwarkadheesh Shri Krishna. After this, Mother Earth was born as Satyabhama, daughter of Satyajit in Dwarka Nagari.

She was born on earth as a human and was very beautiful, hence she had a lot of ego and this ego was broken by Lord Shri Krishna along with Devarshi Narada, after which Satyabhamaji came to know about her true form and understood her reality.

According to scriptures and mythology, after the marriage of Lord Shiva and Mother Earth, they received ten sons and these 10 sons later turned into 10 auspicious directions. For this reason, worshiping the 10 directions is considered mandatory in any auspicious work.