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Which garlic is more beneficial to eat? | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

How to consume garlic: Garlic is said to be very beneficial for health in Ayurveda. Nutrients like vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin B1, selenium, calcium and copper are beneficial for overall health. It has also proven effective in joint pain, inflammation in the body or digestive problems. Many people like to swallow it raw. While many people like to cook and chew it. But do you know the right way to eat garlic? Shri Sharma, Ayurvedic doctor of Ramhans Charitable Hospital, gave us information about this. Let's know from the expert what is the right way to eat garlic.

What is the right way to eat garlic?
According to Ayurvedic doctor Shri Sharma, garlic should always be eaten by chewing and cooking it. The best way to consume it is to fry garlic in ghee or cook it in vegetables. But swallowing garlic raw or eating it on an empty stomach is not beneficial at all. This can cause you many problems.

Why is it beneficial to eat garlic fried in ghee?
Garlic is very acidic. Consuming raw garlic increases acidity in the body. When fried in ghee, the acid present in it reduces to a great extent. Apart from this, eating garlic fried in ghee also controls bile. Apart from this, frying it in ghee also affects the tissues. But if you eat it raw, ghee also has anti-lipid properties, due to which its consumption is also beneficial for heart health.

Why is eating or swallowing raw garlic harmful?
In this way, garlic can also give heat to the body. This can disturb the balance of bile in the body. Also, eating it raw does not provide enough nutrients to the body. Therefore, eating or swallowing it raw is not beneficial. Eating raw garlic can cause digestive problems to many people.

  • Why is consuming garlic daily beneficial?
  • Including garlic in your daily diet is beneficial for your overall health.
  • Consuming it in vegetables or dishes will also help in keeping digestion healthy. This will also give you relief from problems like acidity, indigestion and constipation.
  • Eating roasted garlic is also beneficial to get relief from joint pain. You can also mix it with oil and use it for massage.
  • If you are trying to lose weight then garlic roasted in ghee will be very beneficial for you.
  • If you take medicine daily for any health problem then include it in your diet only on the advice of your doctor.