Monday , May 20 2024

Which CNAP service does TRAI recommend?, crores of mobile users will benefit…

caller ID: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has directed telecom companies to launch Calling Name Presentation (CNAP) service to provide relief to millions of mobile users from fake calls. TRAI has asked telecom companies to display the names of registered people in their KYC documents, so that users can know who has made the call.

What is CNAP?

In the year 2023, TRAI had released a consultation paper. In which telecom companies were asked to bring supplementary services to provide relief from fake calls. TRAI has proposed Calling Name Presentation (CNAP), which will display the name of the caller based on the KYC registration data provided by the users while purchasing the SIM card.

CNAP can identify the correct caller

CNAP is a supplementary service that displays the caller's name on the phone screen. Currently this feature is provided by third party apps. This service of third party app is based on crowd sourced data, which is not reliable. TRAI has recommended CNAP based on the name recorded in the user's KYC document, so that the true caller can be identified.

Notably, TRAI had issued a consultation paper in November 2022 seeking feedback from stakeholders, public and industry on CNAP. This was discussed in March 2023, with around 40 stakeholders giving their feedback on TRA's consultation paper. TRAI then said that 'Based on the inputs and responses of the stakeholders in this discussion, it has been considered to introduce CNAP services for the Indian telecom network.'