Thursday , June 20 2024

When the District Election Officer himself reached Bhadohi to cast the vote of old mother Quresha Khatoon

Bhadohi, 19 May (HS). Voting is the biggest donation. This is the biggest quality of democracy. The first responsibility of every responsible citizen of the country towards the nation is to vote. Bhadohi District Election Officer Vishal Singh has done excellent work for voter awareness. They made it a celebration. On Sunday, one of his positive initiatives won the hearts of people. When he himself reached the house of 98 year old mother voter Quresha Khatoon to cast her vote. Due to this initiative of his, the Mission Voting of the Election Commission appears to be successful. With this initiative he won the hearts of the people.

The Election Commission has provided this facility to 85 plus elderly voters. In this, such elderly people who cannot reach the polling station due to old age can avail the benefit of this voter facility. For this, when the voting process starts, a form has to be filled. The Election Commission team is conducting the voting of the elderly parents who had filled this form through ballot today. By 20th May i.e. Monday, the team will reach door to door and poll the elders.

Bhadohi District Election Officer Vishal Singh along with his polling team reached the house of the old voter mother Quresha Khatoon in Sardar Khan market of Assembly Bhadohi on Sunday. He himself conducted the voting of 98 old voter mothers in his presence. Voting for the country at this age is a matter of pride. This is the biggest quality of our country's democracy. The effect of this positive initiative of the District Election Officer was visible on the elderly mother. She looked very happy during voting. It is expected that this time in Bhadohi, even in the scorching heat, there will be rain of votes in the great festival of democracy.

To ensure smooth conduct of voting in Bhadohi, the District Election Officer, Chief Development Officer Yashwant Singh and the administrative staff are working with all their might to ensure a clean sweep in Bhadohi this time. Foreigners are also being invited to come home and vote. Voter slips and voter guidelines are being distributed on a war footing. Voting will be held in the sixth phase in Bhadohi on May 25.

CBC will make voters aware in Bhadohi: Dr. Lalji

Voter awareness campaign will be conducted from 20 to 24 May at Central Communications Bureau Regional Office, Varanasi Lok Sabha constituency Bhadohi, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India. With the aim of increasing voter participation, under the well-organized Voter Education Election Participation (SWEEP) program, the Central Communication Bureau organized competitions like group discussion, dialogue, seminar, quiz competition, sports competition, rangoli, painting and speech, slogan writing etc. will go. Regional Publicity Officer, Varanasi, Dr. Lalji said that voters will be motivated to vote through songs and music at major intersections, parks, along with Panchayat buildings.