When Suryadev burnt son Shanidev’s house, this story is very interesting

New Delhi: The festival of Makar Sankranti will be celebrated on 15 January in many places. According to astrology, Sun has entered Capricorn. The lord of Capricorn is Shani Dev. Makar Sankranti festival also has a connection with Shani Dev. Surya stays with his son Shani for the next one month from Arasal Sankranti. It is believed that on the day of Makar Sankranti, Sun comes to meet his son. It is said that on this day the Sun God gave a boon to Shani. Know further the legend.

sun god got curse

Because of Shani being black, his father Suryadev did not like him. Due to which he separated Shani from his mother Chhaya. Saddened by this, Chhaya cursed Suryadev to be a leprosy patient. After which Surya became afflicted with leprosy. It is said that then Yamraj, son of the second wife of Sun God, made his father healthy by his penance.

Sun God burnt Shani Dev’s house

After getting rid of leprosy, Sun God got angry and burnt the house of Shani and Chhaya Kumbh. Due to which Chhaya and Shani Dev are very sad. On the other hand, Yamraj advised Surya Dev not to behave like this with Chhaya and Shani Dev. Here, when the anger of the Sun God subsided. Then one day Surya Dev went to the house of his son Shani and wife Chhaya.

Shani Dev got a boon

Surya Dev saw that everything in Chhaya’s house was burnt to ashes. Only black sesame was left in Shani Dev’s house. In such a situation, Shani Dev also welcomed his father with black sesame. Seeing this, Sun God was pleased and gave him the second house, Capricorn. Along with this, he was also given a boon that when he comes in Capricorn on Makar Sankranti, then his house will be full of wealth. The person who worships the Sun with black sesame on this day, all his troubles will be removed soon.