Wednesday , July 24 2024

When India started 'development' on the Arunachal border, China got angry and said- 'You have no right…'

Arunachal border: China will never mend its ways. It may talk sweetly but it has nothing but venom in its heart. On one hand, it was talking about improving relations with India. It was talking about joining hands with India to resolve the border dispute but now it has been exposed. China cannot see India's development. That is why it is stuck. India is doing development work on its border but China is feeling irritated. China has once again staked its claim on India's border. Reacting, China said that India has no right to do any development work on the border in Arunachal Pradesh.

China's Foreign Ministry said that India has no right to carry out development work in the area which China calls South Tibet. This refers to India's plan to rapidly expand hydropower projects in India's border state Arunachal Pradesh. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in its statement that South Tibet is China's territory.

How many times will China lie?

The Chinese foreign ministry said in its statement, calling it a lie, that India has no right to carry out development work there and that the establishment of Arunachal Pradesh, which India claims as its own, in Chinese territory is illegal and invalid. India plans to spend a billion dollars to speed up the construction of 12 hydropower stations in the northeastern Himalayan state.

Arunachal is a part of India

The whole world knows that Arunachal Pradesh is, is and will always remain an integral part of India. China says it is part of Southern Tibet and despite the fact that Arunachal Pradesh is part of India, it has objected to Indian infrastructure projects there. China has spewed venom over Arunachal Pradesh many times. India has clearly said that this attempt of China is futile.

First sweet words and now poison

China has spewed venom over Arunachal Pradesh at a time when Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar met Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Kazakhstan. Chinese Foreign Minister S Jaishankar agreed to speed up efforts to resolve the border issue. China has promised that it will maintain good relations with India and make every effort to resolve the border dispute, but its latest statement shows that its chewing and showing teeth are different.