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What is the right time to eat Panipuri? What are the advantages and disadvantages… – News India Live

Panipuri Health Benefits: We all love to eat Panipuri. Some people cannot live without Panipuri. Panipuri is the Chaat of Mumbai. From preparing at home to serving at weddings, to college gatherings (Panipuri Healthy Benefits), Panipuri is loved by everyone. So we also never miss the intention of Panipuri. But do you know that there are many benefits of eating pani puri, not only its advantages but also its disadvantages. So let’s know that the delicious pani puri we eat is very beneficial for our health but along with it there are some disadvantages of pani puri as well. So let’s know what are the health benefits and disadvantages of Pani Puri?

Panipuri now also has many interesting eating styles. But still we love authentic panipuri. Some people like spicy Panipuri while others like it less spicy. Recently, the trend of eating super sweet Panipuri has also increased. With this, we can try many types of recipes like Ragada Puri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri, Pani Puri (Sweet Pani Puri) at this time. Then maybe you will not even know what are the benefits of such a delicious Panipuri. At the same time, the loss will also be known to some extent. Do not eat Panipuri late at night or before meals.

What are the benefits of Panipuri?

Panipuri can give us many benefits. The advantages of Panipuri are that it does not cause gas problems and also reduces acidity in our body and does not cause bad breath. But panipuri helps us to have healthy digestion. The benefits of water-rich foods are good for our body as they provide the benefits of carbs and fibre.

Panipuri water contains Jaljeera, mint, cumin, coriander and black salt. Due to which you do not have the problem of indigestion and acidity. The most important reason is that it helps in weight loss. Being water and boiled food, it gives you calories and accordingly you lose weight.

What are the disadvantages?

If the purs of panipuri are hard then it can also irritate your throat so you are bound to take proper care. Eating Panipuri from outside also raises questions on its cleanliness. Either because of its impure water, you are likely to get some disease or the other, if the food is not boiled properly in it, it can also spoil your stomach.

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