Saturday , July 13 2024

What happens when you put lemon and chilli together? Know the astrological logic

From taste to aroma, lemon and chilli are used in many ways in the kitchen. Lemon and chilli are such things which are definitely used in every house. Often people buy green chillies and lemon from the vegetable market. Interestingly, people often bring all the things like green chillies, coriander and lemon from the same vegetable vendor, who packs them in the same bag or foil and gives them to the people. But do you know that it is okay to keep coriander-chilli and coriander-lemon together, but lemon and chilli used in food and drinks should not be kept together. Let us know from our expert Shivam Pathak what happens in the house when these two are kept together.

What happens when you put lemon and chilli together?

Pandit Shivam Pathak told that many people do not know why lemon and chilli should not be kept together, what happens by keeping them together, etc. Unknowingly most people associate lemon and chilli together. But let us tell you that lemon and chilli should not be kept together. Explaining the reason behind this, Panditji says that once Lord Vishnu told Goddess Lakshmi and her sister Daridrata that both of you will roam the earth every day. After which both the sisters roam the earth every day. Mata Lakshmi loves dry fruits and sweets very much, so she enters the house where dry fruits and sweets are made.

Whereas the Goddess of Poverty likes sour and spicy. Therefore, the Goddess of Poverty enters the house where lemon and chilli are kept together. Discord, affliction and sorrow enter with the Goddess of Poverty. After this, fights start in your house over every small and big thing. Therefore, it is said that lemon and chilli should never be kept together in baskets, baskets and polythene. It brings bitterness and bitterness in relationships, so it should always be kept wrapped in separate polythene. If you also take lemon and chilli or the vegetable vendor gives you both together, then order them in separate polythene.