Tuesday , June 18 2024

What did Jaishankar say about Russia that he started praising in Pakistan?

People of Pakistan, Indian Foreign Minister Dr. S. Have become fans of Jaishankar's strategy. Recently he participated in the Munich Security Conference held in Munich, Germany. Where, the issue of purchasing oil from Russia was discussed. He replied on this issue in his unique outspoken style. The people of Pakistan liked this estimate of Jaishankar very much and they are praising Jaishankar a lot.

Pakistani YouTuber compared Indian foreign policy

India's foreign policy is highly praised in Pakistan. A famous YouTuber of Pakistan has praised Indian foreign policy. Therefore, Pakistani foreign policy is not considered independent. The people of Pakistan say that the Indian Foreign Minister has already given the statement that 'our wish.' We will take oil from wherever we deem appropriate.”

People of Pakistan say that our country does not know what our foreign policy is? India's foreign policy is ahead of our foreign policy by about 10-15 percent.

“If there is anyone in India after Gandhi, it is Modi.”

On this issue, a Pakistani youth said that people in India and Pakistan often say that Modi said this, Modi said that. Whatever it is, Modi has done a lot for India. If there is anyone in India after Gandhi, it is only Modi.

Another person expressed his views on this issue and said that the Indian Prime Minister takes a stand for his country. His foreign policy is absolutely clear and independent. They are doing very well.

Our leaders are corrupt and thieves: Pakistani youth

In such a situation, when people were asked, what will Pakistan do in such a situation? So one person replied and said that first we should think about when we will be free. Even without wanting to, we have become slaves of America. Because that gives us dollars.

This is the reason why we cannot do anything against them. One person said something that won hearts. He says that an Indian leader works for his people. When our leaders are corrupt and thieves.