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We have almost completed the work which was to be completed by 2030: Gajendra Singh Shekhawat

Lucknow, 16 February (HS). Highlighting the achievements of Jal Jeevan Mission, Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said here on Friday that the work which was to be completed by 2030, we have almost completed it. He was addressing the two-day National Water Conference organized under the joint aegis of Jal Jeevan Mission and Swachh Bharat Mission as the chief guest.

The Union Jal Shakti Minister said that Swachh Bharat Mission and Jal Jeevan Mission are an example of change for the entire world. He told the principal secretaries and directors from all the states that you all are fortunate that you are contributing to the transformation of the country. The minister said that the challenge ahead is to maintain the quality of the water being supplied.

Gajendra Singh Shekhawat said that being the minister of the department, I welcome all of you. This is an important time for both the missions. Swachh Bharat Mission and Jal Jeevan Mission are in the final stages. I thank the Uttar Pradesh government for organizing this wonderful event. When independent India became the Prime Minister after a long wait of 30 years, the country and the world had great expectations. I remember the Prime Minister had said that we have not got this wonderful opportunity to run the country. We have got this majority to change the country. After that many programs were started. In the year 2014, no one could have imagined that the Prime Minister would speak from the Red Fort on the subject of cleanliness and would clean with a broom in his hand. The Prime Minister himself raised his hand to build a toilet. Did we ever imagine? Had we ever imagined a Prime Minister washing the feet of sanitation workers? The Prime Minister himself came forward and inspired everyone. The result was that everyone worked in mission mode. The entire country has now become ODF.

I admit that I found this task extremely difficult

The Union Minister said, 'I admit that I found the work of Jal Jeevan Mission very difficult. Despite such adverse circumstances in Bundelkhand, we have almost achieved the target. We are able to supply water to three-fourths of the houses. The result of the dedication with which Uttar Pradesh has done this work is that today we have given water connections to two crore people. Many times the eligible villagers in the villages did not get their rights. So we started the system of certificates. Right now we need to work very seriously. Now we will need social awareness to maintain this system.

Our goal is to maintain the continuity of the plan

He said that from the point where Swachh Bharat Mission and Jal Jeevan Mission have now reached, we have to look towards better delivery. Quality water is the biggest challenge of Jal Jeevan Mission. Our aim is not just the number of connections, our aim is to maintain the continuity of the scheme and maintain the quality of water. All you officers will have to work on this. We have to utilize our budget now to maintain quality and better delivery. There was no problem until water was not available, but now that people are getting water, we will have to work towards maintaining this system better. We can start the system of charging user charges. With this this system will be maintained.

Earlier there were five lakh connections, now two crore families are getting tap water: Swatantra Dev

State Jal Shakti Minister Swatantra Dev Singh said on this occasion that before the start of Jal Jeevan Mission, only five lakh villagers in Uttar Pradesh had tap connections. But now 2 crore 6 lakh families of the state are getting tap water. Before 2017, the situation in the state was different. Contracts had to be given forcefully to influential people. But now in the government of Yogi Adityanath, Goonda Act is imposed against such goons. In Bundelkhand, where people did not get drinking water, the water level has now risen by 10-20 feet. Now hand pumps keep running even in summer. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath got 25 crore saplings planted. The Minor Irrigation Department also made a lot of efforts. The result of this is that the water level has improved. The result of Jal Jeevan Mission is that tap water is reaching Bundelkhand and Vindhya region also. All this is the result of the tireless efforts of the department officials under the guidance of the Central Government and the direction of our Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. Tap water is being supplied to 98 percent schools and more than 97 percent Anganwadi centres. More than 7.56 lakh have been trained in plumbers, motor mechanics, fitters, pump operators and other categories. They will get employment only from this mission.

He said that today Uttar Pradesh is the state providing maximum tap connections. This is the result of Chief Minister Yogi's direction that you no longer face any security threat. The picture of Ayodhya has changed. After two years, a person going to Ayodhya cannot find his home, his picture has changed so much. All the roads leading to Ayodhya have been connected with four lanes.

Children used to die every year due to filth and dirty water.

Gorakhpur MP Ravi Kishan said that every year 200-300 children died in Gorakhpur due to filth and dirty water. Meningitis was a cause of fear for people. But now the picture has changed. Ever since Yogi Adityanath became the Chief Minister, the situation has changed in the state. If you go all over the world, you will know what changes have happened in India. Even in the last village of Gorakhpur, pipelines have been laid in the streets for water connection. People today are saying that they are getting everything. Not only the government has changed, everything has changed. Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Yogi Adityanath together changed everything in Uttar Pradesh.

Now Citizen Corner also on Jal Jeevan Mission dashboard

Union Jal Shakti Minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on Friday launched the 'Citizen Corner' on the dashboard of Jal Jeevan Mission. 'Citizen Corner' is a one-stop solution, where people can get information related to village water quality and water supply at a single click. This is an important step towards transparency and accountability in water management. From Citizen Corner, people will be able to know the address of the nearest laboratory, where they can go and get the water quality tested. If they notice any deficiency in the quality of water, they will also be able to lodge a complaint about it.