Wednesday , July 17 2024

We do not consider the Durand Line claimed by Taliban on the areas of Pakistan as a border

When Taliban captured power in Afghanistan, the rulers of Pakistan called Taliban their friends.

Now the situation is such that relations between the rulers of Pakistan and the Taliban have deteriorated. Taliban leaders are winking at Pakistan. Afghanistan's Deputy Foreign Minister Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai has refused to accept the Durand Line as the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan.

He said the border known as Durand Line is a fence built by Pakistan and it has separated people. This border has no meaning. This area is ours and it is not acceptable to us that Afghans need passport and visa to go here.

The Pakistan government has gone berserk after this claim. Pakistan's Foreign Ministry has said that Taliban should follow whatever legal rules are in place. Afghanistan's claims are imaginary and disregard history, geography and international law. The truth cannot be changed by political rhetoric. The Durand Line is the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan and is recognized by the world.

It is noteworthy that the Durand Line was drawn in the 19th century between Russia and the then British Empire that ruled India. In 1893, an agreement was reached between the British officer Sir Henry Durand and the then Afghan ruler Amir Abdur Rahman. Due to which the 2670 kilometer long border was recognized.