Friday , April 19 2024

Was Sarfaraz Khan's run out already predicted? The post went viral

Will India win the World Cup?

The time of this viral tweet is 3.41 minutes on Thursday, February 15. Whereas Sarfaraz's wicket fell after around 4.30 pm. This means that this user probably made a very accurate prediction. When this user's prediction proved correct, people started asking him different types of questions. One user even asked the question whether India will win the World Cup? Commenting, the user wrote that when Pandya becomes the captain, he will win the World Cup. People asked many such questions regarding his personal life and cricket.

Who is the person who made this prediction?

As for this person who made the prediction, his X profile username is @inverthis. He has posted the photo of former Pakistani cricketer Rana Naveed. They have flags of Pakistan and Germany at the location. This person has also written the message of Black Lives Matter in his bio. He wrote for entertainment and amusement as his profession.

There was a lot of discussion on the issue of Sarfaraz Khan's run out. Many people held Ravindra Jadeja responsible for this. However, Sarfaraz Khan did not hold anyone responsible for this. When Ravindra Jadeja apologized to Sarfaraz Khan. After this, Sarfaraz also looked quite disappointed. His sad face was clearly visible while leaving the field.