Voter ID Card Update: Voter ID card is not available, still you can vote! Know how here

New Delhi: Lost Voter ID card: Assembly Election 2022 is going to be held simultaneously in 5 states. So, you have to prepare to vote soon. If you do not have your voter ID card, that is, you have lost it, you will still be able to vote. However, there are some terms and conditions for this as well. To cast vote without Voter ID card, you must have any one of these 11 documents. Also, your name must be included in the voter ID list.

Your name should be in the list

To vote without Voter ID card, your name must be in the voter list. For this, if you have to check whether your name is in the voter list or not, then first of all check the voter list of the area where you live. If your name is found in this list then you can go to the voting center and cast your vote. But if you do not have a voter ID card i.e. lost (voter id card gum ho gaya to kya kare), then you must have any one of these 11 documents.

Check your name in Voter ID list like this

For this, first of all go to the site.
After this you will see two options to check the name.
In the first option, enter name, DOB and other details. You will see the list.
In the second, you can get the details by entering the EPIC number.
– EPIC number is actually called Voter Identity Number, through which you can check the name in the voting list.
After this the Voter List will open, where you will see your details.
If you do not see your name here, then call the Election Commission’s toll free number 1800111950.

Votes can be cast through these other documents

– driving license
– Passport
– Pan Card
– Aadhar Card
Passbook issued by bank or post office
Service Identity Card issued by the State Government or Central Government
– MNREGA job card
Health insurance card issued by the Ministry of Labor
Smart card issued by National Population Register (NPR)
– Pension documents
Voter ID card and attested photo can also use voter slip