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Virao: Couple’s dirty act in Delhi Metro, video viral, people furious

Delhi Metro Kissing Viral News: Videos related to Delhi Metro are going viral on social media for a long time. In which sometimes people are seen dancing and sometimes someone is seen doing strange acts. But recently such a case has come to the fore, seeing which anger is being seen among the people.

Actually, in a coach of Delhi Metro, a couple was seen kissing on the floor. Soon after, his videos and pictures went viral on the internet. Which people are criticizing fiercely.

Delhi Metro was started for the convenience of the public, but now some of its people are provoking on social media with their strange antics. It can be understood by looking at this case that came up recently. Here a young couple was seen traveling in a Delhi Metro coach sitting on the floor. Meanwhile, the girl was seen sleeping in the lap of the boy. Surprisingly, the couple sitting on the floor inside this crowded metro coach started kissing each other without any hesitation or hesitation.

Some passengers present there captured this act of the couple in their cameras. Which is now being seen on different social media platforms. Social media users are expressing their anger on this act of the couple by giving different reactions. While some users are angry with this and are taking their revenge. At the same time, there are some people who are urging the ‘Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’ (DMRC) to take strict action through tweets to stop such cases.



India’s first metro runs under the river, covers the distance in 45 seconds

Kolkata Metro, the country’s oldest metro service, has created history. For the first time in India, metro has run under the river. As the Metro descended down the Hooghly River, a footpath was laid from Howrah to the Esplanade in Kolkata. Kolkata Metro General Manager P Udaya Kumar Reddy described the run as a historic moment for the city of Kolkata.

Udaya Kumar Reddy said that this is the first time that a train has gone under the Hooghly river. It is also the deepest station at a depth of 33 metres. This has happened for the first time in India. This is a historic moment for the city of Kolkata. He said that the trial run from Howrah Maidan to Esplanade would continue for the next 7 months. After that it will be launched regularly to the public.

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