Wednesday , July 17 2024

'Violence is not acceptable in America…', White House statement on increasing attacks on Indians

White House concerned over attacks on Indian students: The White House has reacted to the attacks and deaths on Indian-origin citizens and students in America. The White House has expressed deep concern over such incidents.

What did the White House say in the statement?

Addressing a press conference in Washington, White House chief spokesman John Kirby said violence based on race, gender, religion or any other reason is not acceptable in America. We are strictly against this. President Joe Biden and the entire administration are on alert against such attacks. We will continue to work to prevent this type of attack on American soil.

An Indian also had his head hit on the footpath

Let us tell you that Indian student Vivek Taneja (41) was found lying on the footpath at around 2 o'clock on the night of 2 February. He suffered serious injuries. He was declared dead during treatment in the hospital. Preliminary investigation revealed that an argument broke out between Taneja and a man, following which the unidentified man threw Taneja to the ground and hit his head on the footpath.

Syed Mazahir Ali was also attacked

On February 6, there was a fatal attack on an Indian student in Chicago, America. The victim student was identified as Syed Mazahir Ali, a resident of Hyderabad. The Indian Mission assured Ali and his family of all possible help. The Indian Consulate said it is in touch with the victim, student Ali, and his wife in India. Local officials are investigating the matter. A video of the attack on an Indian student also surfaced on social media, in which Ali was telling about the gruesome attack on him.

Reddy also died in Cincinnati

An Indian student also died in Cincinnati, Ohio, the reason for which is not yet clear. The student has been identified as Shreyas Reddy, who was studying at the Linder School of Business. The police is investigating the matter.

More deaths occurred in January this year

Apart from this, Purdue University student Neel Acharya also died in America. He was missing for the last few days. A body was recovered from the university campus and was identified as Neel Acharya. Meanwhile, Vivek Saini, a resident of Panchkula, Haryana, was also attacked in Lithuania, Georgia.