Tuesday , June 18 2024

Villagers protesting against the coal company held a survey company employee hostage

Dumka, 19 February (Hindus). On Monday, the villagers held the survey team conducted by the coal company hostage for five hours in Gandharvapur and Panchvahini of Shikaripada police station area of ​​the district.

However, after taking written documents from the survey team that they would not enter the village again without the permission of the Gram Sabha, the villagers left them safe. No vigilance of any kind was done with them nor was the survey material destroyed. to be done.

According to the documents written by Ujjwal Kumar Singh, a member of Flowers Private Limited Company, who went to do the survey himself, these people started the work on Monday as per the instructions of the coal company to survey the road, house, temple, school etc. in Gandharvapur Panch Vahini. A large number of villagers arrived under the leadership of the village head and when these people were asked about working without taking permission from the Gram Sabha, they were able to tell anything because they did not get any kind of permission for this from the Gram Sabha. Had taken. Therefore the villagers got angry and kept these people hostage.

On contacting Zonal Officer Kapil Dev Thakur in this regard, he said that he is not aware of this nor has he been informed about it by the company.

On contacting the station in-charge Ganesh Paswan, he told that I have received this information from the zonal officer and I have gone to the area to investigate it. No information of any kind has been given by the company.