Wednesday , July 24 2024

Vikrant Massey apologizes for hurting sentiments of Hindus

Recently, Vikrant Massey has had to face the anger of people on social media after the love he got for the film 12th Fail. The reason for this is the tweet made on Shri Ram and Mata Sita in 2018. An old post of Vikrant Massey is going viral on the internet. It depicts the 'dialogue between Lord Shri Ram and Mother Sita'. In this tweet, Sita Mata has a newspaper in her hand. After reading the newspaper, Mother Sita is saying to Lord Ram, 'I am happy that it was Ravana who kidnapped me and not your devotees.' Due to which fans are criticizing Vikrant Massey. Following the protest, Vikrant Massey removed the post and tweeted an apology to the Hindu community. Vikrant Massey has given clarification on this tweet and apologized. The actor is accused of hurting the sentiments of Hindus. Recently Vikrant Massey has apologized for this tweet. Apologizing for his tweet made in 2018, Vikrant Massey wrote, 'I want to say some things related to my tweet made in the year 2018. My intention was never to hurt sentiments or insult the Hindu community. I could have said this even without sharing the cartoon published in the newspaper. I am extremely embarrassed by this and want to apologize to all those whose sentiments have been hurt. As you all know I respect the faith of all religions. We all grow up with time and reflect openly on our past mistakes. It was my mistake.