Friday , June 14 2024

Video: Joe Biden trolled for looking lost on stage with Jordan's king

What happened to Biden? He even confused the king of Jordan with his actions.

US Presidential Elections 2024: Biden's increasing age is creating big difficulties for him in the elections. Already, his opponents do not consider him worthy of the post of President of America, calling him old and unfit. Now, while sharing the stage with Jordan's King Abdullah, he did something such that he again started getting trolled on social media.

Jordan's King Abdullah on US tour regarding Israel-Hamas war

Jordan's King Abdullah is on a US tour amid the Israel-Hamas war. The purpose of this visit is to stop the long-running Israel-Hamas war and to release the Israeli hostages. But after the meeting of the two leaders at the White House, something happened in the joint speech, after which Biden started being trolled on social media. Biden is already the target of his opponents due to his increasing age. His move before the elections has given another chance to his opponents.

When Jordan King went to the podium to speak, Biden followed him. Biden then began looking for marks on the floor to determine the correct place to stand behind the podium. Jordan King also appeared confused as Biden moved around during the speech. After staggering to either side of the podium, Biden stood in front of the Jordanian flag.

Republicans began using foreign videos to raise questions about Biden's aging age and his health. A former user wrote, Biden once again lost on stage at the press conference with the King of Jordan. “Where am I going?” Apart from this, the former Mayor of New York City also wrote on Twitter, “The world is laughing at America.”

Aging concerns for Democrats
Before the elections in America, Biden is surrounded by questions regarding his age, health and memory. Many Democrat supporters also do not consider Biden mentally fit. The party is worried that the issue of Biden's age could hold him back in the presidential race. 81-year-old Biden is the oldest President of America, the US Justice Department had also described Biden in one of its reports as 'an elderly person with weak memory'. Biden has been seen forgetting things in many of his interviews, Republicans are trying to take advantage of these weaknesses of Biden by making them an election issue.