Tuesday , June 18 2024

Vastu Tips: Showpieces can also change luck, create wealth, follow these measures

Vastu Tips for Home: People decorate their house with love and keep different types of decorative things in it to make it beautiful and decorative. It includes various things like vases, animal sculptures, pictures, chandeliers, lamps etc. which are installed to enhance the beauty of the house.

Let us today tell you about five lucky shoppieces, which if you keep in the house, will bring happiness and prosperity and will also increase love and harmony in the family.

Peacock: In Sanatan Dharma, peacock is considered a very lucky bird. Having peacock feathers in the house is considered a sign of good luck. Lord Krishna wears a peacock feather on his head. According to Vastu, it is auspicious to keep a peacock shaped metal showpiece in the house. This maintains happiness and prosperity in the family. Mutual love increases between members and keeping a peacock showpiece provides mental peace.

Elephant : Elephant is also an auspicious sign. It is said that it increases happiness and prosperity, attracts money, shines luck and brings progress in material life. It is auspicious to keep a pair of elephants and an idol of a baby elephant in the house. This pair can also be made of metal or any crystal. This maintains economic prosperity.

Tortoise: It is said that tortoise increases positive energy in the house. It is considered auspicious to keep a tortoise made of crystal, glass or any metal in the house. Tortoise is also a symbol of Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu also incarnated in the form of a tortoise, hence tortoise has special significance in Hindu religion. There is never any shortage of money in the house where the tortoise is a showpiece.

white horse: The horse is an indicator of continued progress and success. It is a symbol of power, strength. But the showpiece horse should be white. It is better if it is made of marble or crystal. A home that has a white horse as a showpiece never disappoints. May all members keep progressing.

Deer pair: In Vastu Shastra, deer is associated with respect and status. Having a pair of deer in the house increases the respect of the family in the society. The members living in such a house are worshiped and get special success on the basis of their hard work.