Friday , June 14 2024

Vastu Tips: Never make these 3 mistakes in the bedroom, otherwise married life will be spoiled

Vastu Tips for Bedroom: The bedroom of the house is the place where love germinates and blossoms between husband and wife. If there is mutual love, cooperation and harmony between husband and wife, then the entire family will be happy. But nowadays, within a few days of marriage, many couples start having disagreements, discord and fights.

The reason for this could also be Vaastu defect in their bedroom. There are many rules given for the bedroom in Vastu Shastra, but out of those many rules, there are three important rules which if not followed, there can never be love between husband and wife. Let us tell you what are those three things which are important to keep in mind.


Vastu Shastra says that there should not be a mirror in the bedroom. But nowadays there are mirrors in the dressing table and cupboards in the bedroom, which is absolutely wrong. Even if a separate mirror is to be installed in the bedroom, it should be arranged or placed in such a way that it does not show the image of people sleeping on the bed and sofa. That means the bed should not be visible in the mirror. If the reflection of the bed is visible in the mirror while sleeping, then there can never be love between husband and wife. They will keep fighting with each other on some issue or the other and there will be tension between them.

pictures of deities or patriarchs

There should not be any picture or idol of any god or goddess in the bedroom. Apart from this, photographs of your dead relatives should also not be kept in the bedroom. If so, then it creates serious Vaastu defect and there is always a fight between husband and wife. Keeping pictures of Gods and Goddesses in the bedroom does not bring happiness and prosperity to the house and also hinders fertility.

unnecessary things

Vastu Shastra says that the bedroom should always be clean, neat and fragrant. There should not be any unnecessary items, broken furniture, torn clothes, garbage in the bedroom. If you have a storage box inside your bed, be careful not to keep unnecessary and useless things inside it. Such things generate negative energy and affect marital life.

Ways to increase romance in the bedroom:

Keep fragrant plants in the bedroom. The bedroom should smell of perfume. The bed sheet should be of bright color and should be clean. Romantic pictures should be kept in the bedroom.