Vastu Tips: God should be worshiped in the evening. A lamp should be placed under Tulsi. Along with this, one should avoid doing some such things, which cause poverty or troubles.

Vastu Tips for Evening: To get happiness and prosperity in life, it is necessary to follow some rules. This brings positivity in life and the person progresses. Whereas ignoring these rules brings poverty and troubles. In Vastu Shastra, it has been said to follow certain things at the time of sunrise and sunset to get happiness and prosperity. Today we know about those things which are forbidden to be done in the evening.

Do not do this work in the evening

Cleaning the house is a good thing. Mother Lakshmi is pleased with this, but sweeping or mopping in the evening is very inauspicious. According to Vastu Shastra, sweeping the broom in the evening brings poverty in the house. Apart from this, there is also loss of value.

Many people have a habit of sleeping or resting after coming from office in the evening. To do so is very inauspicious. Evening time is for the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi, so sleeping at this time brings obstacles in progress and economic progress.

Tulsi leaves should not be broken at or after sunset, but basil leaves should not be touched at this time. If you need basil leaves in the evening or at night, then pluck them during the day itself.

If a beggar comes in the evening, do not return him empty handed, but do not give sour things, milk and salt in charity.

The main door of the house should not be kept closed during the evening. Due to this Maa Lakshmi gets angry.

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