Vastu Tips in Hindi: If the direction is wrong while sleeping, it not only affects your sleep, apart from this it also affects your financial condition, honor and respect.

Vastu Tips for Sleeping Direction: In Vastu Shastra, many measures have been given to bring prosperity in the house, control expenses, increase income etc. Along with this, a warning has also been given about some things. One of these is the direction of gold. In which direction is your head while sleeping at night, it affects the arrival of money in your life, your honour, health-relationship etc. Therefore, it is important to be very careful about the direction of your sleeping.

Keep these things in mind while sleeping

According to Vastu Shastra, never sleep with your head towards the north. By doing this the magnetic flux gets blocked and deteriorated. Due to this, sleep does not come well. This condition can cause headaches, mental illnesses.

It is considered best to sleep with the head towards the south and the feet towards the north. By doing this the person remains healthy. His age increases. He gets a lot of money, happiness and respect in his life.

At the same time, by sleeping with the head in the east direction, the memory, concentration of the person increases. His health is better. Students and people who are inclined towards spirituality should sleep with their head in the east.

Sleeping with the head in the west is also considered good. This direction is the direction of Varuna, the god of water. Sleeping with head in this direction gives fame to the person. His respect increases. Prosperity comes in his life.

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