Vastu Shastra: Flower pot and aquarium should not be in the bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, one of the reasons for the ups and downs in married life is the things kept in the bedroom. The aquarium placed in the bedroom and some special pictures increases the tension in the married life. Pt Ganesh Mishra, the astrologer of Kashi, told that according to Vastu, there should not be a picture of aquarium, Hanuman ji and Shiva in the bedroom. Because of this, problems arise in married life.

Aquarium should not be kept in the bedroom. Due to this, there is tension in the marital relationship. In addition, there is an inauspicious effect on the health of husband and wife. The aquarium should be placed in the living room of the house in such a way that when the householder stands inside the living room and looks outside towards the main entrance, the aquarium is placed on the left side of the entrance.

A plant placed in the wrong place is not good for you many times and if you change its place, then it can make big things easier for you. Do not plant any kind of plant in the bedroom. This can have a bad effect on married life. This creates distance between husband and wife. Bonsai plants should also not be planted in the house. According to Vastu, the Bonsai plant stops the economic development of the members living in the house.

While putting the picture of Bajrang Bali, special care should be taken that do not put his picture or idol in your bedroom, because Hanuman ji is a child brahmachari. It is believed in Vastu Shastra that the force of Hanuman ji is maximum in the south direction, so apply it in the south direction, but do not put it in the bedroom.