Saturday , April 13 2024

Uttarakhand: SDRF team reached Silkyara Tunnel for dewatering rehearsal

Uttarkashi, 15 February (HS). SDRF team reaches for rehearsal to start dewatering work after a long time in Silkyara Tunnel under construction on Yamunotri National Highway in Uttarakhand. Regarding this, SDRF Inspector Jagdamba Prasad Bijalwan said that 14 soldiers are rehearsing for dewatering in Silkyara.

Meanwhile, Colonel Deepak Patil, General Manager of NHIDCL, said that dewatering work is being planned, which may take three-four days. He told that the SDRF team had arrived last Wednesday for pre-practice. He told that there is a plan to prepare about ten meter base for protective work.

What is dewatering?

Dewatering is an essential process that involves removing water from a construction site, excavation or underground tunnel. Dewatering is a vital process to ensure that the work environment is safe and stable for construction workers as well as to prevent waterlogging of the soil.

Will there be no untoward incident in the future by applying ointment on the wounds of Silkyara Tunnel?

After the accident in the Silkyara tunnel under construction on November 12, 2023, the investigating agencies of the Central Government gave orders to the executing agency Navyuga to start the stalled construction work. A big question has started to arise whether the executing agency will treat the damaged area with guarantee. And the tunnel will not break again. Because the area where the tunnel is getting damaged repeatedly is a very loose area and stopping the white marshy soil is a very risky task.

It is worth noting that on November 12, 2023, 41 workers of Navayuga Company were trapped inside the tunnel for 17 days in the Silkyara Tunnel, for which the central and state agencies, using extreme force, with great difficulty, brought the workers out through 8 mm pipes on November 28. It was only then that the company officials heaved a sigh of relief. Since then, various investigating agencies of the Central and State Government have submitted their investigation reports to the government. Now the Central Government has given permission to the contracted company NHIDCL to work in tunnel construction again.

But the damaged area of ​​eighty meters inside the tunnel is very risky and due to the marshy white soil in the upper part, there can be damage in future. Because the tunnel had given danger signals twice before at this place. However, expert engineers of Navayuga Company, which is doing the work of tunnel construction, are saying that everything is fine. Now again after getting the green signal from the investigating agencies, the reconstruction work has started in the Navayuga company engaged in tunnel construction. It is in the future that this tunnel will not break again.