How To Get Rid Of Rat: Often in the summer and monsoon season, the terror of rats increases a lot in homes and it becomes very difficult to get rid of rats from the house. During the rainy season, the burrows of rats get filled with water and rats enter the houses and start creating terror here and there.

Rats are helpful in giving rise to many serious diseases by spreading dirt in the houses. Due to rats, a disease called plague was spread in India in the year 1994, due to which the country also suffered a lot of economic loss. Also, rats often try to increase the problems of people by biting the house wire, clothes and shoes. That’s why today here we are going to tell you home remedies to get rid of rats (Chuhe bhagane ka tarika), by trying which you can get rats out of the house immediately.

Usually, rats make their nest there on seeing the slightest dirt. Often there are some people who do not keep their food covered or do not clean the false utensils properly. This invites the rat to come into your house unnecessarily.
However, where grains or any other food items are stored and kept there, even after cleaning, rats create havoc.

Try this remedy to get rid of rats (Chuhe bhagane ka tarika)

We usually use naphthalene balls to protect our clothes from insects and moisture, but do you know that with the help of this we can get rid of the mess of rats (Chuhe bhagane ka tarika) forever.

The rat dislikes the smell of white naphthalene tablets and runs away because of this.


Keep naphthalene tablets in the corners of your house or in the store room where there is movement of rats.

Also, keep naphthalene balls near the most important parts of the house i.e. kitchen, store room, bathroom and drains of the house.

There are many types of poison available in the market to kill rats, but it should be kept well out of reach of children.


Mix this poison with rice and keep it in the corners of the house, rats will die as soon as they eat it.

Also, mix this poison with flour and oil and make pills and keep them at the places where the mouse comes.


Mixing baking soda, peppermint oil and rat poison in the dough, keep it very carefully in the corners of the house so that it should be away from the reach of children.

By adopting Hina household tips (Chuhe bhagane ka tarika), you can prevent rats from causing havoc in your house.