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Use this hair mask made of sesame to naturally darken your hair from the roots | Live Updates, Unveiling the Latest India News Trends

Remedies for white hair: Changing lifestyle, wrong eating habits and stress have a direct impact on hair. Due to these problems, hair starts turning grey before age. Sometimes hormonal imbalance also causes grey hair. If you also have the problem of grey hair, then you can darken your hair at home with the help of natural products.

You must have heard about the use of things like henna, dye, amla etc. to blacken white hair. But do you know that fenugreek and white sesame can also blacken hair. If you want to blacken white hair at home, then you can use this special hair pack. Using this hair pack also gets rid of the problem of falling hair, thin hair and white hair. Let us tell you today the easiest and most effective way to blacken hair.

Ingredients to make a hair pack

White Sesame Seeds
Neem leaves
coconut oil

If you want to blacken your hair naturally, then first roast one cup of fenugreek seeds in a vessel on low flame. – Then add half a cup of white sesame seeds and mix well. Roast both the things till they turn brown. After this, add 10 to 15 sweet neem leaves in it. Heat all the things for five minutes and cool them down.

– Then grind this mixture in a mixer. Mix 6 tablespoons of coconut oil in the prepared powder and make a paste. Now keep this paste in an iron vessel for 24 hours. The next day apply this paste well on the hair. Massage for five to ten minutes and then leave it on the hair for an hour. After this shampoo your hair. If you use this paste regularly, then white hair will start turning black from the roots.