Sunday , May 19 2024

Union Minister of State Krishna Pal Gurjar reviewed the magazine Janman

Raipur, 24 February (HS). Union Minister of State for Energy and Heavy Industries Krishna Pal Gurjar visited the magazine Janman published by the Public Relations Department during the Vikas Bharat, Vikas Chhattisgarh programme. Praising the content, Gurjar said that the schemes implemented by Chief Minister Vishnu Dev Sai's government and the work done for public welfare have been succinctly preserved in this magazine.

This magazine is beautifully presenting the information about the government schemes as well as the positive changes coming in the lives of the citizens through these schemes. It is noteworthy that Gurjar had arrived from Delhi to participate in the Vikas Bharat Vikas Chhattisgarh program organized at Martyr Colonel Viplav Tripathi Stadium of Raigarh.