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Ukai Dam water level rises to 342.30 feet

face. With the arrival of monsoon, the inflow of water into Ukai Dam is continuously increasing. This time also, like last year, due to the same rainy season, there is no problem of water this time. The current worrying situation for the administration is that water revenue is continuously increasing. Due to continuous inflow of water in Ukai Dam, the level has reached 342.30 feet. At present the water inflow is 4.92 lakh cusecs and withdrawal is 2.50 lakh cusecs. The danger level of Ukai Dam is 345 feet and the dam is more than 90 percent full.
Keeping in view the upstream situation, 2,50,000 cusecs of water has been released from Ukai dam on Tapi river till 4 pm on Sunday. At present the level of Ukai Dam is 342.30 feet, the dangerous level of Ukai Dam is 345 feet. At present water revenue is increasing by more than half. Also, Ukai Dam is being continuously monitored round the clock. Kosadi Causeway, Mandvi has been closed as a precautionary measure to avoid any untoward incident. As a part of vigilance, citizens of villages in Mandvi tehsil located on the banks of the river in the vicinity of the dam have been urged not to cross the river and not to move cattle on the river bed.
The administration is keeping an eye on the situation of Ukai Dam from moment to moment so that there is no negligence in view of the previous situation. Due to freezing of rainy season in Maharashtra including Gujarat, water is being released continuously from Hathnur and Prakash Barrage. Due to which the water income in Ukai Dam is increasing to a great extent. The water inflow into Ukai Dam at 12 noon on Sunday was 5.83 lakh cusecs, which has increased to 4.92 lakh cusecs at 6 pm. Due to increase in water revenue, water expenditure is also being continuously increased by the administrative system. About two lakh cusecs of water has been released. Due to this, Tapi river is flowing on both the banks. At present, according to the information given by the administration, considering the condition of the dam, more than 90 percent water has accumulated in the dam.
Looking at the current condition of the dam, Ukai is just 3 feet away from the dangerous level. The dangerous level of Ukai Dam is 345 feet. When there is more rainfall in Ukai Dam in states other than Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, its effect is visible. Especially when the water inflow increases in Hathnur Dam, its direct impact is seen on Ukai Dam. Due to increase in water storage in the dam, it is very important to increase water withdrawal. Therefore, keeping an eye on all the situations, the administration is taking the decision to release as much water as possible.
The system is activated whenever the level of Ukai dam exceeds 341 feet during monsoon. Storing water more than 345 feet is not advisable and the best option for the administration is to maintain the regulation level. An attempt is made to make the outflow of water proportional to the amount of water inflow. Due to which, efforts have been started by the administrative system to prevent Ukai Dam from reaching dangerous levels. Under this, efforts have been started to release as much water as possible. Due to continuous release of water from Ukai Dam, the water level of Tapi River is also increasing. The bridge over Tapi river in Haripura village of Bardoli taluk got submerged as the flow of water in Tapi river increased every hour due to release of water from Ukai dam. For the first time in the season, water has overflowed on this causeway.

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