Friday , June 14 2024

Two amazing Chaupal originals to watch in 2024 – Sarpanchi and Baaghi Hawawan shooting begins

Some people think that movies are best enjoyed in crowded theaters, in hard seats, and with expensive soft drinks and popcorn. But not everyone agrees with this unpopular opinion. With the rise of OTT platforms, we have a different approach. Now we can watch the same movies at home at half the price of a cinema ticket. No need to worry about uncomfortable chairs or sharing armrests with strangers. Moreover, we can watch whatever we want without worrying about show-time.

Sarpanchi is the story of the village politics of Punjab and the aspirations of the people here. This film will connect you with the story of a young man's unexpected leadership journey during the Panchayat elections in his village. Playing the lead role in the film is none other than Jas Bajwa, who is a famous singer and actor and has done films like 'Es Jahano Door Kitte Chal Zindagi', 'Doorbeen', 'Thug Life' and many more.

Baaghi Hawawan is a film about the state of Punjab after the 1984 riots and how normal families were affected not only by terrorism but also by other causes. This story is about their sufferings, their revenge and the actual reality of the events. The film stars Gurshabd, Jarnail Singh and Richa among others.

Sandeep Bansal, Founder, Chaupal said, “This is the year of originality at Chaupal. We not only want to bring the latest theatrical releases on our platform but also create meaningful content – ​​be it movies or web series for our audiences because that's what they demand. Apart from Chaupal, there is no other platform which is creating web series in Punjabi language to fulfill the desires of Punjabi audience across the world. Sarpanchi and Baaghi Hawawan are two upcoming web series that we are sure people will thoroughly enjoy.”

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