Twitter announces its strategy ahead of 2022 assembly elections

New Delhi: While political parties have geared up for the assembly elections of five states, social media is also preparing itself. Microblogging platform Twitter has also made some strategy to give all possible information to the voters.

Microblogging platform Twitter said on Thursday that as the states of Goa, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand prepare for the 2022 assembly elections, the company is taking several initiatives to ’empower’ citizens with the right knowledge before casting their votes. is announcing. Twitter said these initiatives via the Internet are not only directed to ensure high turnout, but will also help ensure that voters are involved, engaged and informed throughout the election. Along with this, all the information should be available to the conscious voters who vote.

Twitter said that in the first line of its initiative, it will launch a customized emoji, which will be further supported with a notification and reminder mechanism that will allow people to voluntarily sign-up for reminders on the day the voting begins. The purpose of a voter education quiz will be to engage people in Q&A with essential facts about the election. Twitter will also extend trusted sources to the Election Commission of India (@ECISVEEP) to provide people with real-time updates and developments on elections from ‘trusted’ and ‘official’ sources.

According to the news, Payal Kamat, who looks after the public policy and government of Twitter India, said that events of political and civic importance always find a place in the middle of the conversation. ‘Public discourse is shaped by these conversations and we recognize the responsibility this is on us. To ensure that people get reliable and authentic information as they go out to vote. Accordingly, we are working in partnership.

Together with official authorities, including the Election Commission of India, to empower every #JagrukVoter on Twitter and we will continue to harness the power of the open internet to strengthen citizen dialogue and encourage quality participation this election season.