Thursday , April 18 2024

Turn white hair black with the help of 2 things without chemicals, it does not cost much

Nowadays, there are many types of products available for blackening hair. After this many people want to darken it naturally. If you use the remedy of Tulsi and Amla, your hair will turn black quickly. So know how to use these two things. Tulsi has many properties that help in providing relief from hair problems. Its anti-bacterial properties help in removing dandruff from hair.

Use basil and gooseberry like this

Tulsi and Amla are helpful in turning white hair back to black. Grind basil and mix it with gooseberry powder and leave it in water overnight. Wash your hair with this mixture while bathing in the morning. Blacken hair naturally and using its formula for a few months is beneficial.

Make Amla and Basil paste like this

If your hair has started turning grey, then grind Amla and Basil leaves and make a paste. After this, soak this paste in a cup of water and apply it on the roots of the hair. When the hair dries, wash it with water. Soon the hair will turn black.

Use Amla to bring glow

You can use Amla to bring shine to your hair. To increase shine in hair, massage well with the help of Amla juice. Wash hair with fresh water after one hour. This will give natural shine to the hair.