Tuesday , June 18 2024

Tribal violence flares up again in Papua New Guinea, 64 people killed, hundreds injured

Papua New Guinea has seen several incidents of violence in the last few months. Although the government has repeatedly claimed that it will firmly establish democracy, whenever it takes any step, there are reports of violence somewhere. Now once again information has come to light that at least 64 people have been shot dead in tribal violence. Australian media gave this information on Monday quoting local police.

a surprise attack

Australian media reported the attack took place in Enga province in the remote highlands of the South Pacific island nation. At least 53 people have died due to this, while many others are reported to be injured.

The dead bodies were loaded in a truck and taken to the hospital.

Acting Superintendent George of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary said police found the bodies of the injured who had fled into the forest. Apart from this, dead bodies have been collected from roads and river banks. These dead bodies were loaded in a truck and taken to the hospital. Authorities are still ascertaining the number of people shot and injured.

numbers may increase

“Our estimate is that the death toll will be 60 to 65,” he said. Whereas the number of injured is very high.

count in developing countries

Let us tell you that Papua New Guinea is counted among the developing countries. A large number of tribal tribes also live here. More than 800 languages ​​are spoken. Earlier in January too, violence had broken out here, in which 16 people had died. After this incident the Prime Minister declared emergency in the country. Along with this, he also suspended many government policemen.

Australian Prime Minister extended a helping hand

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said his government is ready to help Australia's nearest neighbor Papua New Guinea. The news coming from Papua New Guinea is very disturbing. We will do whatever we can to help our friends.