Thursday , April 18 2024

Traveling to Indonesia's beautiful island “Bali” will be expensive

Now a big news is coming for the tourists going to Bali, because now the tourists may have to pay tourist tax to go to Bali. Bali is considered the best budget destination. Also, most of Bali's economy comes from tourism. In such a situation, if Bali starts collecting tourist tax then the burden on the tourists' pockets will increase. Let us tell you how much tax will be collected from Bali tourists.

taxes will increase

From 2024, the Indonesian resort destination Bali will levy a $10 tax on tourists visiting there to preserve its culture and raise funds. According to Governor I. Wayne Koster, foreign tourists visiting Bali are required to pay a one-time fee online. This tax will be imposed only on foreign tourists, domestic Indonesian tourists will be exempted from it.

2 million tourists visited Bali

More than two million tourists visited Bali last year, indicating a strong recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Bali's zero tolerance policy will be adopted against those who break the rules. The new tax will not deter visitors from coming to their country. The money raised from the tax will be used to improve the environment, preserve the island's culture, and improve infrastructure. Ensuring a more comfortable and safe travel experience for people visiting Bali.

How much is the tourist tax in Bhutan?

Not only Bali but Bhutan is also famous all over the world for its beauty. This is a country where Indians do not need visa or passport to visit. Indians only need to show a valid photo and identity card. Amidst all this, to attract foreign tourists, Bhutan has now reduced its daily tourist tax from Rs 16,509 to Rs 8254. This decision has been taken to promote the tourism sector. The special thing is that here you will also be given a tourist guide.