Today Saturn, Sun and Mercury created dangerous ‘Trigrahi Yoga’, very heavy on these 4 zodiac signs

New Delhi: According to astrology, apart from changing the zodiac signs of planets, their conjunction and the yogas formed by them are also very important. If these planets are powerful then the effect of these yogas increases even more. Today i.e. on January 14, 3 very important planets are forming Trigrahi Yoga. They are making this yoga in the sign of Saturn in Capricorn. Saturn and Mercury are already present in Capricorn and today Sun has also entered this zodiac. Trigrahi Yoga being formed in the sign of Saturn will be heavy on the people of 4 zodiac signs.

These zodiac signs will be heavy

Taurus- This position of these three planets is not good for the people of Taurus. This will increase their family problems. Relationship with father will bring estrangement. There may be loss of money.

Gemini- For the people of Gemini, this time will have a bad effect on health. You can travel, but there is a possibility of some problems in that too. There will be difficulties in married life too. There may be an argument with the spouse.

VirgoPeople of Virgo zodiac should drive carefully during this period. Also, health should be taken care of. Family challenges will bother you. Hospital visits may be required due to illness of a member of the household.

Sagittarius (Sagittarius)- This trigrahi yoga is going to give stress for Sagittarius. Apart from this, the increased expenses will also have a bad effect on the deposited capital. Take care of health. The health of someone in the family may deteriorate.