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To become PM of Canada for the third time, Tudo adopted ‘cheap’ trick, got the chair on the kindness of Khalistanis

India Canada: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has accused the Indian government of killing Khalistan leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar. Nijjar was murdered outside a gurudwara in Surrey, British Columbia on June 18. Trudeau claimed in the House of Commons that Canada’s National Security Agency is confident that agents of the Indian government may have carried out the murder of the Canadian citizen. Many countries of the world including India are surprised by Trudeau’s decision because India has declared Nijjar a terrorist. But it is true that somewhere Trudeau is under pressure because of the elections.

Trudeau keeps Khalistanis happy –

Trudeau is currently in the government with the support of Khalistan and hence he knows that if he is in power then he will have to please the Khalistanis. Trudeau’s allegations against India seem absolutely absurd. But he knows that because of these allegations he will also get the votes of many Indian-Canadian citizens in the next elections. These baseless allegations by Trudeau further worsened the already volatile bilateral relations between the two countries. Foreign Minister Melanie Jolie has said that India’s intelligence chief in Canada has been dismissed for this reason.

Trudeau’s hero Khalistani Jagmeet-
In the year 2019, general elections were held in Canada and Trudeau managed to win these elections with great difficulty. Even after winning, he failed to form the government. Trudeau’s Liberal Party of Canada won 157 seats. While the opposition Conservative Party got 121 seats. Trudeau needs 170 seats to form the government. If anyone could have given him these seats and the PM post, it was Jagmeet Singh’s New Democratic Party (NDP) which won 24 seats. Due to these meetings, Jagmeet Singh became a hero in Canada. Jagmeet is a big supporter of the Khalistan movement.

Helpless with Jagmeet!
Trudeau knows that if he wants to remain in power, he will have to keep Jagmeet happy. After the election, Singh and Trudeau signed a confidence and supply agreement. This agreement will remain in force till 2025. Till now, Singh has been a trusted ally of Trudeau. Recently the opposition had demanded an investigation into Chinese interference in the Canadian elections and attacked Trudeau. At that time only Jagmeet Singh’s NDP supported the PM. India has long been suspicious of Singh over his efforts to link Khalistani and Kashmiri separatism with his presence in Canada.

Who is Jagmeet Singh?
The support of Jagmeet’s party is very important for Trudeau. Canadians cannot upset PM Jagmeet because Trudeau’s party can always remain in power with him. Jagmeet is the person whom Indian agencies suspect of harboring Khalistan supporters in Canada. Not only this, he is also leading the anti-India movement in America, especially after the removal of Article 370. In March this year, as the case against Khalistan separatist Amritpal Singh heated up in Punjab, the internet was shut down in the Indian state. After this Jagmeet Singh went to knock on Trudeau’s door for Amritpal’s support. Secure in Trudeau’s support, Singh continues to march against India and in support of the Khalistanis.

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