Thursday , April 18 2024

To become a true Karimani owner, a person should have these 6 qualifications

Karimani Malika Na Nalla has become so viral that it is rare to find people who have not made a reel for it, from celebrities to common people hum this Karimani Malika song.

Some people are saying that you are not the owner of Kari Mani, while others are saying that you are the owner of Karimani.. Overall, the craze of this song has also ended, people still like this song of 2 decades ago. Is. present time.

Now this song has been further developed and they are singing that the owner of Karimani is Raula, it sounds strange but who is the real owner of Karimani it is a very responsible post, who can fill that post The owner of the owner of Karimani should have some qualifications.

So, what are his qualifications to become the owner of Karimani, this is also going viral on the social site, those meaningful lines are for you:

Bhogeshu Raja:

The owner of Karimani should take care of his wife like a queen and should not cause her any trouble. Some people say that he takes care of his wife like a queen, but a servant takes care of her, such a person cannot be the master of Karimani.

Vachaneshu Ram:

The spoken word should be like that of Shri Ram, one should not lie to his wife, should not cheat, should not break his word, should always protect his wife. Shri Ram's fight for Sita becomes Ramayana, a husband must protect his wife from any situation, keep her happy and not cheat on her.

Chatursya Krishna:

The person should be very intelligent, the person should be able to protect his family like Lord Krishna, the person should protect his family by preventing any calamity from happening to his family. He should be in favor of justice, respect truth and religion. She is lucky to have such a man.

Courageous Karna:

Karna never abandons himself, similarly a husband should never abandon his trusted wife, Karna stands up against his brothers for Duryodhana's friendship, similarly if his wife is in danger then he should never look back. He should face it and always be ready to protect it.

Rupesh Indra:

In form he should be like Indra, the person looks more beautiful by virtues than by beauty. So, beauty here is not the outer appearance, it should be the inner beauty, this is the quality that a wife appreciates.

Kamesu Madana:

The husband should be like Cupid, he should give physical pleasure to his wife, he should give her mental and physical satisfaction with his juicy words. Sexual satisfaction is the foundation of a happy marriage. That is why it is said that he must be Kamesh Madana.

Shatdharmayukt Maandharma Raman: The one who has these 6 qualities is the real owner of Karimani… If you have these qualities then sing that you are not the owner of Karimani….