Threat on the border: China is building 166 buildings and roads in Bhutan, villages are being settled, this place is 30KM away from disputed Doklam

Another news related to danger for India has come out (China Bhutan Village, China is illegally building villages in the disputed territory of Bhutan. This place is located at a distance of just 30 kilometers from the trijunction Doklam plateau (China-Bhutan Border, IANS has given this information in its report quoting sources. Satellite pictures surfaced show that China (China) is doing construction work here. Sources say that the Chinese villages being built on the territory of Bhutan will be used for both civilian accommodation and military operations.

This area of ​​Doklam came in the news in the year 2017. Then there was a dispute between the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China after 70 years (Doklam Conflict). After a befitting reply from the Indian Army, the Chinese army finally had to retreat from here. China was trying to build a road here but India stopped it. But now he is building 166 buildings and roads in the territory of Bhutan. This shows that China has changed its strategy after the Doklam dispute. Now he is doing construction work in those places which are close to India but there is no presence of India there.

The dispute went on for 73 days

Doklam is an area of ​​100 square kilometers located between India, China and Bhutan. The plateau is surrounded by the Chumbi Valley of Tibet, the Ha Valley of Bhutan and the Sikkim of India. In the year 2017, when China was doing construction work in Doklam, India had objected to it (China Bhutan Issue). Then China claimed that it has a border dispute with Bhutan and India does not claim it. Although India still stood firm on its point. This dispute lasted for 73 days. China had said that it is building a road in its territory. In October last year, China and Bhutan also signed an agreement to settle the border dispute.

How are Bhutan-China relations?

Talks between Bhutan and China started in the year 1984 regarding the border dispute. There were 24 rounds of talks and 10 expert level meetings between the two sides (China Bhutan Relations). During the dialogue that started to understand each other, there was a 1988 Joint Communiqué on Guiding Principles for the Resolution of the Boundary Issue and the 1998 Agreement on Maintenance of Peace and Status quo with Bhutan. Although Bhutan has accused China of infiltrating its territory many times.