Friday , June 14 2024

'Those who are traitors to Modi-Yogi…' controversial statement of BJP MP, Congress demands action – News India Live

Lok Sabha Elections 2024: All the parties are trying their best in the Lok Sabha election campaign. Words are also being hurled against each other. However, in the meanwhile many leaders slip their tongues and make such statements which create an atmosphere of controversy.

Who gave the controversial statement…

Same thing happened with BJP MP from Gautam Buddha Nagar Mahesh Sharma. He addressed a gathering and gave a statement which has now gone viral. Congress has also objected to this statement and demanded action against him.

What did the BJP MP say?

Before the first phase of voting for the Lok Sabha elections, MP Mahesh Sharma said that those who do not consider Prime Minister Modi and Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as their own, they are traitors. At an election rally in Bulandshahr, he said that those who do not accept Modi and Yogi as their own, will not accept their father as their own. If someone says that he loves Modi more than Yogi, then he is a traitor to the country. Such people do not want the welfare of the country or the state.

Who is the target of the comment?

Some reports have claimed that Mahesh Sharma has made this comment targeting a particular community in UP. A video of the speech on April 12 went viral. In this matter, Indian Youth Congress President Srinivas B.V. Urged the Election Commission to take action and said that now the time has come for the Election Commission to decide whose it is.