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This person did a tremendous ‘catwalk’ wearing a ‘skirt’ in Mumbai local, people were left watching, watch the viral video

Every person living in the society has a different identity. Here separate dresses are made for girls and for boys. You must know Ranveer Singh who is always trolled for his offbeat and ladies dressing style. He has often been seen in such clothes, due to which he has been compared to girls. Indian society never allows people to follow their wish. He tries to control not only the way of speaking and sitting but also the dress. However, fortunately there are some courageous people who hold in their hands the power to break the so-called shackles of the society.

These days a video has created panic on social media. Perhaps you must have seen this video, in which a man is seen doing catwalk in Mumbai’s local train. That person is said to be Shivam Bhardwaj, who did the catwalk wearing a skirt with a kurta in a crowded local train in Mumbai. Seeing him, the passengers present there were stunned and started watching. Popularly known as ‘The Man in a Skirt’, Shivam Bhardwaj’s dressing style will give you the self-motivation to wear the clothes you always wanted to wear but never could because of the fear of ‘log kya kahenge’.

Is a fashion blogger and always posts makeup videos on Instagram. Shivam considers himself a struggling content creator. He says that not everyone appreciates his material. However, she was surprised that people liked her first video with her skirt on and no one commented negatively about her dressing style.

He said, ‘I was experimenting. One day I put on the skirt and decided to take a picture of it. The response to the video I posted wearing that skirt was amazing. Although I only had around 5000 followers at that time, no one made any rude comments. Shivam says that now most of the comments on his posts are positive and supportive, which is what he always wanted.

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