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This method is better than punishment to teach stubborn children

It is very important to nurture children for them to be healthy. Its responsibility rests entirely on the parents. It is the responsibility of the parents to teach their children what is right and what is wrong. Society also puts responsibility on the parents of children who misbehave.

Punishment has been followed from time immemorial to teach discipline to children. Everyone is of the opinion that if a wrongdoing is punished, it will not happen again. Thus people who want their children to be disciplined, scold their children first and punish them last when they ask for it. But the problem of what to do with those who do not bow down to punishment bothers everyone. There are many who say that the punishment given was not fair and four more strokes should have been given.

But even if children are beaten more and more, it does not mean that the children will improve and come on the right path.
In such a situation, the problem of what kind of punishment should be given to the children who do not bow down to the normal punishment, bothers everyone. You cannot let your children grow up the way they want, just because they are not listening to you or being punished. Every parent wants their child to earn a good name in the society. By following these few ways their children can lead a disciplined life.

Discipline cannot be taught by punishment alone. If
Every time you punish your child for making a mistake, your child tends to repeat the same mistake. If you put the child in the room every time your child misbehaves, they may start happily staying there. They may want to show such behavior and join the room whenever they feel that the external environment is not needed.

First of all, you should understand why your son or daughter is behaving like this. The child should be explained why that behavior is not right and what problems it will create in the future. It should be seen that children do not get into the mindset of just scolding. Instead of just trying to keep quiet, you should explain what was wrong and what was correct behavior.

must be punished so that wrong done
Don’t repeat yourself. Punish them when their son/daughter is not listening. If your son does not clean his room, punish him the next day by cleaning his room as well as the hall of the house. Don’t send him to play when he doesn’t interact properly with his seniors. Such behavior is not repeated when he is given a double task or controlled for not doing a favorite subject.

If you try something new and
Every time he makes a mistake, he is beaten, then this will lead to a fight between father and son, otherwise the situation will not improve. If you go to play with your son or take him out every week, don’t do it on the wrong day or week. So decide what kind of punishment would be right for your son or daughter and what would be right for them when it is taken away from them and give that punishment.

Be clear about what is wrong and what needs to be done.
In addition to saying what is wrong, also explain why it is wrong and what the alternative behavior is. Praise correct behavior or when a mistake is not repeated. Mistakes are not to be rectified. When a mistake is not repeated, recognize it and reward it accordingly.

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