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This is the world’s most expensive insect, priced equal to Audi-BMW car, know what is special in it

Stag beetle: There is a 2 to 3 inch insect found on earth which is invaluable and is called “Stag Beetle”. The stag beetle is a member of the Lucanidae family, which contains over 1200 species of insects!

special price in the market

A few years ago, a Japanese breeder sold this insect for $89,000 (about Rs 7.3 million). What is the reason for its special and high price in the market?

definition of price

To understand the value of this insect, we have to look at its characteristics.

1. Medical importance

This worm plays an important role in medicine. Its study with its changing picture of its physical structure and special properties is important for scientists and physicians.

2. Area of ​​use

Expensive medicines are made from stag beetles to treat various types of incurable diseases. Its physical structure and biochemical processes help scientists in the field of unique and unique science.

3. Unexpected Options for Making it Big

Some people consider stag beetles to be an ideal choice for growing. Its large and extended body gives it a unique uniqueness, which is why it can be a beloved pet.

Stag beetle: habitat and diet

1. Housing

Stag beetle larvae feed on wood. These larvae live on the large and exposed wood of the tree and feed on it during its growth stage.

2. Diet

Adult stag beetles survive on fruit sap, tree sap and water. The most important of these is the consumption of fruit juices, for which they are hidden in the roots and bark of flowers.

3. Orange tongue

Its tongue is orange and adult stag beetles cannot eat solid wood. Its tongue takes its food and sucks the juice of the fruits.

Interesting facts about deer beetles

Stag beetles usually wake up at night and fly towards fruit trees.
His large spark adorns his entire body and is considered a symbol of struggle for the young men.
Due to their spark, these insects can fight hard with their enemies and keep their territory safe.

The mysterious life of the stag beetle

The stag beetle’s unique anatomy and special properties make it invaluable, and it plays an important role in scientific study and medicine. Its value is determined by the significant contributions it makes to its fields of use.

In addition, the life of the stag beetle is also extremely interesting, including its habitat, diet and characteristics. This insect is definitely a part of our natural life and we should take care of its safety and conservation.

Therefore, to get even more information about the Stag Beetle we should try to share it to empower it and protect its habitat.

This information is useful for you because it tells us about the diversity and importance of our natural life. Studying stag beetles can help solve the mysteries of our lives and provide us with a source of new information.

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