Thursday , April 18 2024

This is a toilet commode worth ₹20 lakh..! You will be shocked if you hear something special..!

Everyone wants to live a life of luxury, but not everyone is able to do so. Luxurious life means having plenty of money, this is the only source of luxury. Recently luxury living is the new trend.

People like to live a luxurious life. How to buy an expensive phone, buying expensive watches, diamonds, gold items, buying bags worth lakhs etc. are examples of luxurious life.

But even without these things, there is no change, rather people get more happiness and self-satisfaction from luxurious things. Now bathroom commode has also been included in the list of such luxury items. Yes, in modern homes everyone wants the bathroom to look luxurious. They spend lakhs and crores of rupees on the bathroom to make it beautiful.

But we are going to talk about commodes worth lakhs. Yes, the price of both these commodes is between Rs 16 to 20 lakh, it is surprising that if you pay Rs 20 lakh each, then this smart commode will get a place in your bathroom. So check out what this commode has to offer.

Kohler, a famous bathroom accessories manufacturing company, has launched these two commodes. It has been named Numi 2.0. This is an advanced smart toilet commode. The company had organized a big event to showcase this toilet commode.

The President of Asia Pacific, who spoke at the event, said that we do not do gimmicks with customers, we do what we say. This is not just a commode, it is a smart commode, you can't imagine it.

What is special in Numi 2.0?

Numi is particularly newsworthy because of its design. It also has a titanium-coated black glass exterior. You can use or control this commode with your voice. It also plays music. It can be kept in very small space. It also has dozens of features like light active, sensor, UV light cleaning, automatic lid.

Can be connected to smart phone

What is even more surprising is that you can connect your smartphone to this commode. If you work on mobile it is regulated. You can remove the cover from the mobile, add water, turn on the lights, play music etc.